How to Stop Excessive Sweating

One problem of those suffering from hyperhydrosis is on how to stop excessive sweating the easy way. Before we dwell into the topic, let us first examine the whole sweating anatomy and its annoyances.

Sweating is one of our body’s natural processes. It is one way to eliminate excess fluid in our body. Our body is in constant maintenance of our core body temperature. It is through sweating wherein the body can lower its temp during the case of hot weather. It can also be seen during febrile disease wherein in order to lower down our temp cause by the disease process; the fluids are release to cool down our body temp.

Having an emotional or mental distress can also cause us to sweat. These situations are all normal reaction of our body to different stimulus. The problem arises when the sweating is caused even in the absence of these normal circumstances. It can be a great annoyance when the sweating is excessive and is difficult to control.

Social discomfort is one major problem to those suffering from hyperhydrosis. People who usually suffer from this situation shy away from social gatherings as shirts are frequently soaked or the hand is unable to do simple gestures such as handshake. These situations are usually damaging to one’s self esteem and many struggles to overcome this problem.

In desperation, most of those suffering from hyperhydrosis try everything the internet quacks has to offer. Most of these quick cure remedies often promise a quick relief but most of these have no effect at all.

In order to answer your question on how to stop excessive sweating, one sure and safe way to do is to make some simple lifestyle changes. You can start by modifying your diet and to cut foods which are diaphoretic, which means sweat inducing. These include alcoholic beverages, teas, coffees and other strong herbs such as ginger. Always drink a lot of water. Dehydration promotes more fluid loss in your body.

Another change to do is to modify the clothing style you wear. Dress on according to the type of weather. Remember to use clothing which is comfortable to use and avoid body hugging shirt. These types of clothing stimulate your skin to sweat more.

If these simple “how to stop excessive sweating” tips fails, you should consult your physician for more radical approaches.